Unfortunately, there are parents in the world who take their children to see Sen. Ted Cruz without warning them that his apocalyptic bullshit is just a scam to scare the rubes. The result is predictable.

Tampa Bay Times political editor Adam Smith noted on Twitter that Cruz had to pause his speech to respond to a little girl in the audience who was young enough to be carried by her mother.

“Ted Cruz literally just scared a little girl in NH,” Smith wrote. “‘The world is on fire?!’ she asked, repeating his line on Obama-Clinton foreign policy.”

“The world is on fire,” Cruz replied, turning to face the girl and her mother. “Yes! Your world is on fire!”

Realizing that his rhetoric might have gone too far, the Texas Republican decided to do some damage control.

“But you know what?” he asked. “Your mommy is here and everyone is here to make sure that the world you grow up in is even better.”

All this is, really, is a moment of moral clarity.

It also demonstrates that Ted Cruz has limits. Little girls young enough to be carried by their mothers cannot vote. Therefore, there’s really no point in ramping up their anxiety level.

The rest of us?

He hopes we wet our pants.

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