A feature of the national security bedwetting after 9/11 was the National
Security Letter, essentially a demand for records concerning an individual
who, may or may not be under investigation .  The recipient of such a letter
was forbidden, under Fed Law, to disclose said investigation to the target
or even confirm the receipt of such a letter to anyone.  The gag order was
ruled unconstitutional by Fed Court, but then re-authorized by amendment in
“Patriot” Act “improvement’ legislation.

Linked is the a suit brought in Manhattan Fed Court challenging that.  While
the FBI has said the investigation is dead, the claimant is still under a
modified gag order which, to all effect, is permanent.  Considering the
thousands of NSLs issued over the last decade, unless this element is struck
down, it will be a legally hidden aspect of our long nightmare of nocturnal
incontinence.  Take a look at what has been happening.



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