Someone from the Bush family is trying to talk to us about foreign policy disasters. What’s the proper response to this?

It’d be one thing if they were talking about disasters of their own making, at least, if they acknowledged that they are of their own making. That’s not the case here, however.

What we have here is Jeb Bush asking us to put him in charge so his family can make some more foreign policy decisions for our country.

The simple answer to this is: “No. Next!”

I took a particular shine to Jeb’s suggestion that what we really need is for other countries to fear us more, like they used to.

I’ll admit that invading and occupying a country in retaliation for an attack carried out by someone else is a pretty good way to induce fear in other countries. It’s kind of a drunk foreign policy, though, like the guy who gets annoyed with his boss, goes home, and beats his wife and kids.

If we want people to avoid us and basically give us the equivalent of crossing the street every time they see us coming, well, then this invade-a-random-country strategy isn’t so bad.

The thing is, it’s kind of expensive.

And immoral.

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