Maybe I knew a little more about Libya than Duncan and maybe I didn’t, but we both came to the same conclusion. What did I say over and over?

I said it isn’t humanitarian to kick out Gaddafi if what you leave is Somalia. Libya is getting closer and closer to being Somalia.

In any case, if you scroll past the Benghazi stuff in my archives, you’ll see that I earned the right to say “I told you so.”

In the end, Obama did better than I feared by managing to get Gaddafi out of there without much real effort, and he was smart not to make us responsible for the aftermath because it was a very predictable quicksand trap.

But my point was never that Gaddafi was a good guy that deserved to be in power. My point was that freaking out that he was about to decimate Benghazi only made sense if you could create a better outcome. I don’t see a better outcome.

I never did.

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