Greece says financing agreed to extend Russian gas pipeline

MOSCOW (AFP) June 1, 2015 – The financing of the extension of a pipeline carrying Russian gas from Turkey to Greece has been secured and a deal could be signed this month, the Greek energy minister said today, AFP reported.

In an interview with Russian public television, Panagiotis Lafazanis indicated he had had a series of very productive meetings in Russia, which is ready to participate in the financing.

He said there is “enormous interest” among Greek companies for an extension of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline.

Moscow axed its South Stream gas pipeline to southeastern Europe last year, even though construction had already begun, as relations with the EU hit a nadir over Russia’s role in the Ukraine conflict.

Instead Moscow announced a pipeline to Turkey, which should be ready in December 2016, and told European nations they would need to build links to get the gas.

Ever since the radical-left Syriza party swept the elections in January, Moscow has been courting Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, a former communist who has made no secret of his desire for closer ties with Russia and criticised the EU sanctions imposed over Ukraine.

Pipeline would end at the border with Macedonia
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Kremlin-funded RT says Moscow will use funds and materials intended for the original South Stream project to build the new Black Sea pipeline.

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Turkey and the new energy politics of the Black Sea region (2012)

Russia’s Future Game Plan Outside Of Europe

Russia has been publically exploring energy (and military) relationships with countries outside of Europe — most notably China and India. In May 2014, Russia’s Gazprom and China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) signed a historic 30-year contract to supply natural gas to China.

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Not breaking … by Oui on Jan 15, 2015

This decision was made earlier this month and reported in the media. No direct supplies have been cut, it’s in the planning due to canceling of the South Stream project. Indeed, the supply stream from the Black Sea will be diverted to Turkey. Erdogan is moving away from Europe to a more independent or possibly joining the East Asia bloc of nations. See today’s resolution by the European Parliament – EP urges Turkey to respect freedom of press.

Today, Royal Dutch Shell has canceled the Qatar LNG project [$6.2bn] which was signed 4 years ago due to lower price of oil, poor exploration results making the investments not feasible. Does this mean Assad gets to stay in power in Syria, because his overthrow was part of the Qatar LNG transport and the oil partners: GCC states and the Old Colonial West.

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On South Stream and Turkey:
New moves alter energy routes around Turkey

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