Apparently, Marco Rubio thinks red lights and stop signs are optional and his wife is a speed demon who can’t be bothered to carry proof of insurance or attend court-ordered remedial driving classes. This is typical sociopathic behavior, and it isn’t helped by the lack of accountability they typically enjoy.

The Rubios have spent more than $1,000 paying traffic penalties over the years, but after Mr. Rubio was elected to the Senate in 2010 they took a different approach to handling their tickets.

Mr. Rubio hired Mr. Hanna, a Miami-based lawyer and donor, whose website sales pitch says, “Have you received a traffic ticket? Don’t pay it.” With Mr. Hanna’s help, Mr. Rubio’s last two citations were dismissed and seven of Ms. Rubio’s last eight were cleared.

Whoa. Ms. Rubio has had eight traffic citations since her husband was elected to the Senate five years ago?

Earlier this year, Ms. Rubio, a former cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins, sideswiped a Porsche Panamera while driving her husband’s Ford F-150 truck to a donor event at the Delano Hotel in Miami Beach. According to the Miami Herald, the police declined to take a report on the incident because it was a “minor” fender bender.

More likely, the Porsche driver was headed to the same fundraiser and the police were properly impressed with the “Do you know who my husband is?” belligerence they encountered on the scene.

This is the kind of behavior I expect from conservatives. If you don’t accept that you’re part of a greater society, every other car on the road is just a nuisance and an obstacle threatening to make you late. Rules are for other people. Paying fines and attending court-ordered driving classes are things that poor people with no lawyers have to do.

And if your husband is a U.S. Senator, everything is a “minor” fender bender.

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