You may or may not be wondering (if you’ve even noticed) why I have never once written a word about the King v. Burwell case that the Supreme Court is getting ready to rule on, but the answer is pretty simple. It’s the stupidest fucking lawsuit in the history of the universe. It’s so stupid that, if the conservatives on the Court rule in favor of the plaintiffs, then there’s just no point in ever pretending that this is a serious country again.

Put another way, if I have to seriously worry about Obamacare subsidies being ruled unconstitutional because of a clerical oversight, then I’ve been wasting my life and nothing I’ve written matters even the slightest bit. I have to assume to even get up in the morning and clock into work that this case will not be treated seriously by the Court. The fact that they agreed to hear the case is troubling enough, but I’m guessing that they took it because you only need four Justices to grant certiorari and Justice Kennedy is still butthurt about losing the actual Obamacare case back in 2012.

Anyway, there’s been a lot of ink spilled on what would happen if the Court ruled against the administration and I’ve considered every drop of that ink to be wasted breath. The Court will not rule against the administration.

And, if they do, then we’re such a joke of a country and the Conservative Movement’s virus has so badly infected our institutions that we might as well just pack it in and let some Saddam Hussein rule this place.

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