Just read his peer of 30 years ago how “Iron Lady” Margareth Thatcher would wipe out terrorism. UK’s PM Cameron doesn’t have a strategy and is striking blows and threats in all directions, not a single word about failed foreign policy. He can chair COBRA a hundred times, it won’t make a difference and it won’t stop radicalization. The refugee migrants will continue to pour across European borders as North Africa and the Middle East nations sink into further chaos, unemployment and hope for a better future.

    A national minute’s silence will be held across Britain at midday on Friday, exactly a week after an ISIS gunman killed 38 holidaymakers in Tunisia. [30 Britons were killed]

    David Cameron said the whole country would want to ‘share in a moment of remembrance’ as he announced plans would also be drawn up for a permanent memorial.

    The Prime Minister said ISIS posed an existential threat to the British way of life, but vowed: ‘We will now cower in the face of terrorism.’

British media continues fearmongering by their failure to provide factual analysis of events. It was not Daesh that was responsible for the attack, more likely is the killer a lone wolf and radicalized in a cell of a few persons. On-line radicalization is not the same as a planned terror attack by al-Qaeda or the Islamic State (IS or Daesh). The media and PM Cameron is making IS look larger than it is, same what happened during the Iraq War and the Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al Zarqawi who left torture and imprisonment to become the US boogeyman for many years. After a few years, Saudi national of Yemeni origin Osama Bin Laden and Egyptian national of the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the fugitive leadership of Al Qaeda, accepted him in the fold of AQ. Very similar to the second generation that followed in Iraq, IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was imprisoned by US Forces, tortured and released. UK, Jordan, Israel and the US creating the monsters that come back with the result of failed states. Similar to the Zarqawi death announcement on multiple occasions, al-Baghdadi was announced dead as early as in 2010.

Tunisia killers have declared war on Britain, says David Cameron | The Guardian |

David Cameron has pledged that Britain will not give up its way of life or cower in the face of terrorism as he urged the country to hold a minute’s silence at midday on Friday in memory of the UK citizens killed in Tunisia.

The minute’s silence will come exactly a week after the massacre in Sousse left up to 30 Britons dead, the biggest loss of British life to terrorism since the 7/7 bombings in London in 2005.

Cameron said the killers had declared war on Britain, adding the government would provide a “full spectrum” response including helping the injured return to the UK within 24 hours, assisting with security in Tunisia and tracking down any accomplices of the killers, as well as combating the narrative of Islamic fascism in the UK.

In a Commons statement lasting 100 minutes, Cameron said the Cobra emergency committee had decided not to change the travel advice to Tunisian coastal resorts, arguing the killers were trying to wipe out the Tunisian tourist industry which represents 15% of the country’s economy.

Acknowledging that it was a difficult judgment, he said this advice could change if the Tunisian authorities were unable to provide assurances about upgrading protection for tourists, including in hotels.

He repeatedly said he was determined to change the narrative so that those people drawn to Islamic extremism were combated more effectively. The government will publish a new counter-extremism strategy shortly that is likely to proscribe more organisations and clamp down on extremist messages through social media and satellite TV channels to mosques.

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