I think Herb Titus is on to something.

Later in the interview, Titus warned that if conservative Christians give up on trying to shape government to biblical specifications, they will end up like the Amish, with special protections for their religion but “no influence in the greater society”

“God didn’t call us to just be in a closed-off, religious community, God called us to exercise dominion,” he said.

He repeated that public officials who disagree with marriage equality should defy the law and “make people remove us from office, if that’s what it’s going to take you, ‘you can remove me, but I’m not going to just ask you to give me a special privilege, or resign and will no longer function in a civil capacity.’ What that does, I think, is basically sounds the bugle of retreat.”

He can take his “dominion” and shove it. You don’t exercise dominion over anyone by being removed from office, whether you go voluntarily or not.

It’s time for conservatives to retreat from public life and lick their wounds, which is kind of the opposite of what Titus thinks he is saying. Really, though, there’s not much point in sticking around at this point. Unless he wants to bite us in the knees.

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