Which of those three, Jim Bob Duggar, Donald Trump, James Garner, do white men most identify with?

Which of those three do white men wish they were most like?

Do white men have a sad that they didn’t get a wife like Michelle and eighteen kids to support?  (Hey, guys that’s what happens without birth control, including abortion.)

A sad because they didn’t earn billions of dollars and didn’t get to be a “chick magnet” and marrry three hot ones, and produce six kids?

All of the candidates on the two stages last night were preaching for the life styles of the Duggars and Trumps.  And bomb, kill, impoverish POC that aren’t your housekeepers, cooks, nannies, gardeners, or commercial sex workers.  (And the only reason you can’t afford those employees is that the government taxes and public policies have deprived you of using your talents and skills to get filthy rich.)

Y’all feel that PC language that doesn’t disparage women, POC, non-heterosexuals, non-christians, and native peoples of other countries hampers your freedom of speech to use disgusting and revolting language.  And you’ve had enough of that.

I know you have wimmen folk that agree with you and encourage you to believe that you’re stud muffins.  But if given a choice would she have chosen you over James Garner?

Few of us begin life as physically attractive as Garner was, but as we age, who we are leaks through our pores.  Gives us an aura and personality that figures prominently in how attractive or unattractive we are to others.  Honorable, decent and good people also age better — and cosmetic surgery does nothing to alter that.

James Garner had one wife for 57 years.  If there were any infidelities, they are the best kept secrets in an industry not noted for fidelity or secrets.  Garner himself denied ever having strayed.

Two daughters (one adopted from his wife’s first marriage).  Apparently not viewing his manhood as tied to creating lots of little Garners.

None of that came easy for him.  His mother died when he was five, was shuffled around among relatives for a few years, and reunited with his father when he remarried.  The stepmother sounds like something out of Grimm’s fairytales.  He was on his own at age 16.

A tough start and it left tracks as he suffered depression for most of his life.  But as he said in a Rockford File episode, stay bitter, angry and miserable. Or move on.  (Half or more of the credit for his 57 year marriage does have to go to his wife, Lois Clarke.)

James Garner James Garner 1963 – March on Washington.

On women: …the discussion got to the issue of abortion and Garner says he answered, “I don’t have an opinion, because that’s up to the woman. It has nothing to do with me.”

Yet, non-safe abortions did have something to do with him.

“It wasn’t until I was fifteen that my cousin Betty told me my mother died of uremic poisoning after a botched abortion,” he wrote. “I have no idea whether my father was involved in the decision to have the abortion or whether he blamed himself for her death. We never talked about it in the family.”

On political aspirations

There’s one difference between me and [Schwarzenegger and Reagan]: I know I’m not qualified.”

Few of us are, but all of us can choose to be more decent, honest, and reputable than the jerkwads that were on display by the GOP in their first 2016 Presidential faux debates.  And the jerkwads that support any of them are no better.

And yes, Mr. Garner, if our only choice is from among unqualified persons for public office, we would have been better off with you than the seemingly never-ending parade of indecent, dishonest, and/or disreputable characters that have appeared on our ballots for decades.  

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