Again, I am going to need a big chunk of spare time to properly write about the turmoil in the House of Representatives. That could be tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime, tell me where you heard this first:

Republicans may be forced to solicit Democratic help to break their Speaker stalemate, Rep. Charlie Dent (R) said Thursday.

The Pennsylvania centrist, who often serves as a mouthpiece for outgoing Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), said there is only a small handful of Republicans who can win 218 GOP votes to fill Boehner’s shoes. The trouble is, none of them wants the job.

“We may need a bipartisan coalition to elect our next Speaker,” Dent told reporters after Thursday’s closed-door GOP meeting. “That’s a very real possibility right now, and I think anybody who’s honest about this knows it. They may not want to talk about it, but they know it.”

Now, I’ve also said that I don’t expect this to happen just yet because people are so locked in their ways of looking at things that they have trouble understanding something new and different.

But, if there is a coalition needed to pay our bills on time and keep the government open, and that coalition is made up mostly of Dems, then the Dems belong in the majority. And the conservatives are going to force this to actually happen if they don’t quickly come to realize what they’re doing.

I expect the Republicans to get their shit together here in a few days, but when December comes and they can’t pay the bills, this idea of Charlie Dent’s is going to get as real as a heart attack.

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