Here’s the thing, though, Kevin. I know damn well that the Republicans have the winning political argument when they say that they’ll protect the country at all costs, even down to denying three year-old orphans a sanctuary. So, yeah, I get that they totally have the finger on the pulse of America, and also that they’re going to do even better if they can keep that pulse raised to just short of panic-level.

So, what’s the counter to that?

Do we agree with them?

Do we also try to make people more afraid?

The problem is that we disagree substantively, not politically. And if we’re compelled to take the losing political argument because it’s the right thing to do, then we should at least point out that our opponents are bedwetters who become incontinent every time they think of a Muslim terrorist- even when that Muslim terrorist is shackled in Guantanamo and being fed orange-glazed chicken, rice pilaf and two kinds of fruit.

Frankly, it’s not mockery that I am going for, but shame. I want to shame grown men into being embarrassed to admit that they pee themselves in fear.

If nothing else, it keeps me sane when I’m surrounded by the worst kind of charlatans and demagogues.

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