Another sign Turkey is part of it’s own coalition fighting Kurds and supporting Salafists/Jihadists/ISIL fighters in Syria.

Russian Su-24 fighter jet shot over Syria | RT |

A Russian Su-24 fighter has been shot down in Syria, Russian Defense Ministry said, adding the plane hadn’t violated Turkish airspace and was at an altitude of 6,000 meters.

The pilots managed to eject from the downed jet, the ministry said, adding their fate is as yet unknown.

Sukhoy SU-24 “Fencer” is not a fighter but a long-range strike/attack aircraft for support of a ground war

Turkey shoots down jet near border with Syria | The Guardian |

Turkish fighter jets have shot down a warplane near the Syrian border after it violated Turkey’s airspace, a military official said, but the nationality of the downed aircraft was not immediately clear.

Turkish F16s warned the jet over the airspace violations before shooting it down, the official told Reuters.

Footage from private broadcaster Habertürk TV showed a warplane going down in flames in a woodland area, a long plume of smoke trailing behind it. The plane crashed in an area known by Turks as “Turkmen Mountain” in northern Syria near the border, Habertürk said.

Turkey called this week for a UN security council meeting to discuss attacks on Turkmens in Syria, and last week Ankara summoned the Russian ambassador to protest the bombing of their villages. Ankara has traditionally expressed solidarity with Syrian Turkmens, who are Syrians of Turkish descent.

Brigades of Turkmen Mountain in Latakia

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