Russia’s ‘Quagmire’ In Syria Turns Out To Be A Well Designed Campaign

[Moon of Alabama] Recent “Official” Washington headlines:

The above was all nonsense and propaganda. It represented the typical self delusion of the Washington establishment. The Russian government and military knew exactly what they were doing. After some 100 days of Russian military support for the Syrian government the results are coming in. They look well.

‘Turkey has a war trade with ISIS,’ making millions with oil – VA state Senator Richard Black

The Islamic State lost most of its oil income and is reduced in its capabilities.
The Syrian army and its allies are progressing against they various enemies on several fronts.

Big Christmas Gifts For Syria – Alloush Killed, Yarmouk [To Be] Cleared

ISW map of frontlines in Syria – Dec. 23, 2015 [pdf]

In detail, this map proves my point, Jabhat al-Nusra controls the area along the Golan Heights and the terror group has breached the UN armistice lines. It also shows the poor state of the rebel held areas overall in Syria and the dominance of Hezbollah fighters along the Lebanese/Syrian border.

The costs of Russia’s expedition is relatively small. This reality is now setting in.

U.S. sees bearable costs, key goals met for Russia in Syria so far – Dec 28

Correspondent Elijah J. Magnier @EjmAlrai

Unlike so many western analysts, #ISIS
Baghdadi confesses “the loss of many
lands”, asking his followers to have
patience & seek martyrdom.

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Official English translation Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi address [pdf] (@p_vanostaeyen)

Killing Zahran Allouch indicates the work
of a combination of  HUMINT and SIGINT
by #Damascus ops room (incl #Russia
#Iran #Hezbollah).

Al Baghdadi Releases New Audio Speech – Dec. 26, 2015 | TalkLeft |

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