With the looming retirement of Freedom Caucus wingnut Cynthia Lummis, the reliably Republican at-large Wyoming congressional seat is wide open, and there will be about eight candidates vying for it–among them, Liz Cheney, the daughter of the worst vice-president in the history of our country. Ms. Cheney attempted to oust Republican Sen. Mike Enzi in a 2014 primary, but, as I predicted, she fell on her face in spectacular and humiliating fashion and dropped out in 2013.

Part of the problem for Liz back then was that the people of Wyoming are conservative but they’re not allergic to compromise. It was also a problem that she’s not really from Wyoming despite her father having served in the seat she now seeks.

Ordinarily, I’d give her zero chance of winning this seat, but in a seven or eight person plurality-wins election, simply having the most name recognition might be enough.

The nation needs a new Cheney in Congress like it needs a hole in the head. So, break out the garlic, the wooden stakes, and whatever else can ward off or defend against the undead.

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