I can’t remember a Super Bowl where I cared less who won. I guess we could back to St. Louis vs. Tennessee or Atlanta vs. Denver. But, I always rooted passionately against John Elway, which is also why I simply cannot get behind the Broncos today. Yet, I’ll never root for a sports team from any further south than Washington DC. I’m just prejudiced that way. I also don’t get excited about expansion teams. If the team didn’t exist when I was born, and preferably for decades before I was born, I’m highly unlikely to want to see them crowned as champions. Maybe the only exception could be the Seattle Seahawks, but I rooted against them both times they were in the Super Bowl. I kind of like them, though, so I could see pulling for them against a lot of teams, like Houston or Atlanta or Tennessee or Jacksonville.

I did root for New Orleans out of post-Katrina solidarity. But New Orleans is a special case, like Miami. It’s not your typical southern town.

Anyway, a Bronco win would be a nice capstone on Peyon’s career and tie him with his brother for Super Bowl wins. The Panthers, on the other hand, have an admirable defense and it would be a great triumph for Cam Newton if he can finish off one of the greatest seasons ever with a win against one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Either way, it will have a nice story line. So, I can live with either result.

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