I don’t have a huge problem with Bernie Sanders complaining about the superdelegates, but I have to point out a few ironies.

Just two weeks ago, I was explaining to angry Sanders’ supporters in the comments that it wasn’t Hillary who would be relying on them to win the nomination, but Sanders. Supporters of Sanders were very slow on the uptake on this, and now they’re trying to do a 180 and justify the very thing they claimed was an outrage against democracy.

As for Clinton supporters, they’re acting all butthurt now that Sanders is trying to work the superdelegates, but she did the same thing eight years ago, and the Obama supporters told them that they were high on their own supply if they thought they could win the nomination that way. Needless to say, back then the Clinton folks didn’t take kindly to our estimation of their chances.

You can support whomever you want to support and make any arguments you want to make, but you come off as sanctimonious and hypocritical when you move from one position to the other while claiming to hold some high moral ground.

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