I really do hate this election season. I’m beginning to hate it more and more. I don’t want to do the things it is compelling me to do, and I think a big majority of people feel the same way. I’d rather walk on glass than write a point-by-point rebuttal of Matt Taibbi’s defense of the youth vote’s judgment. But that’s exactly what’s required.

It’s required not because Taibbi’s argument isn’t mostly supportable and well made. It’s just that his telling of the history is so consistently one-sided that it cumulatively amounts to a bad distortion of the facts. It’s a lawyer’s case rather than the synthesis of both the prosecution and the defense.

A jury really should hear both.

It’s just that no one has retained me to serve in the defense, and I’m not eager to do pro bono work for clients who aren’t naturally sympathetic and are unlikely to even appreciate the effort.

The truth is, the youth vote isn’t “right” just because they’re for Sanders any more than the black vote is “wrong” just because they aren’t. They’re seeing different parts of the same story.

Unfortunately, Taibbi is no help to the Sanders side because he does nothing but validate their perspective. His piece might help Clinton supporters understand what’s motivating the youth vote, but it completely fails to do the same service for the partisans of Bernie.

But, you know, I just don’t want to do the work that Taibbi refuses to do.

Not this morning, anyway.

It’s a little too thankless for my tastes. Maybe if I can build some more reserves against thoughtless criticism…

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