Rasmussen polling has never been very friendly to the president, but even they acknowledge that his full month index reached a three-year high in March. And they’re the only polling outfit that still shows Obama with a net negative approval number. Polling from Gallup, Pew Research, ABC News/Washington Post, and CNN/ORC all has the president with an approval number better than fifty percent. Bloomberg has him at 50%-44%. I probably don’t agree with John Hood about much, but I think he’s right about this:

Most voters think Clinton, at least, has relevant experience, which is why she thumps Trump in virtually all head-to-head polls and is heavily favored in the fall. But most Americans are disappointed in the choices before them, and rightly so.

Which is why, I believe, President Obama’s approval ratings are on a bit of an upswing. By comparison, he looks like a leader…

…If you look at poll questions other than presidential approval, you’ll see that the public hasn’t changed its opinion much about the underlying issues. It still disapproves of Obamacare, the president’s handling of foreign policy and the economy, and the country’s general direction. Americans haven’t suddenly become leftists. But some have looked at the presidential race, recoiled in horror, and concluded that President Obama isn’t as bad as they once thought.

They might not mind if he moved into the neighborhood. If the Clintons or the Trumps did, they’d go see a Realtor.

That’s another way of saying that the people would reelect President Obama in a heartbeat if he were allowed to run again. Most people probably wouldn’t have expressed that sentiment a year ago, but seeing the possible replacements has a way of focusing the mind.

So much bullshit has been spread in the fields of our political discourse that even the left seems unappreciative of what the country has had in Barack Obama and his wonderful family.

However, it’s not true that we won’t miss him until he’s gone.

We miss him already.

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