Not a lot to add to the news reports.  Bill Clinton, unders whose administration coal boomed and places like Logan, WV had plenty of local employment; had a tough reception last weekend.  While Trump and Sanders protesters were present, so was a great deal of resentment toward his wife’s previous statements.  Even so far as some of the town government saying he wasn’t welcome.  During his event, he stopped the State Police from ejecting hecklers and asked one of them to come up to the mic and voice his concerns.

A few days later Hillary came to Willaimson, WV (on the east Ky border) and was, politely, asked about her comments by a laid off coal miner.

“At a campaign event in Williamson, West Virginia, on Monday evening, Bo Copley, who identified himself as an out-of-work coal miner, poignantly asked Clinton “how you can say you’re going to put a lot of coal miners out of — out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you’re going to be our friend.

“Because those people out there don’t see you as a friend,” Copley said, referring to protesters who had gathered outside the Williamson Health and Wellness Center. …”

Her response was that her comments were taken out of context.  It didn’t seem so at the time.  And people wonder why some have trouble trusting her. Especially when talking about all sorts of new programs.

Anyway, small potatos to the rest of the country.  As I said previously, won’t matter if HRC is going to win by a landslide, but news tonight is that she still can’t force her opponent out of the race and he keeps winning.  While all the smart people whistle as they walk on still summer nights, the shadows from the tombstones look pretty threatening and Hillary may need every vote she can get from the coal country of Ohio, Ill. Ind., Wy. etc…..

Better send Bill out some more, he has the touch.


Good overview of what may be the fall out with local/state wide Dem politicians

Plus Google Clinton and Logan, WV, Williamson, WV, Ashland, KY, etc… to see local reporting.

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