When Bernie Sanders won Indiana last week, he came out on stage and waving and pointing his index finger in the air, promised the fight will go on and he can still win the nomination. As I sat there, it suddenly hit me, Bernie wants to star in his own reality show, and he is using the presidential campaign to launch it, and the media is more than willing to go along with the game.

Bernie would be a great host for such a show. He and his supporters can go on and delude themselves into thinking that by some miracle he can win the nomination, and waltz into the White House and set about his dream of a socialist utopia. His little minions drooling over every word he says, and everything would be right with the world.
Sanders is living in a fantasy world, and frankly, I’m beginning to worry about him. First he says he can win the White House, then the next he’s making demands on Hillary Clinton in the platform, something you don’t do if you think you still have a shot at winning. Then he’s open to the possibility of being Clinton’s running mate, like there’s a chance in hell of that happening. Then in the background, he’s trying to blackmail Clinton Superdelegates to join him, forgetting the fact that he only became a Democrat to run for president. Then, like Donald Trump, he rails against the system, saying the deck is stacked against him, knowing full well going in, the system was like that. Then, another Trump specialty, the media is being unfair to him. In fact, this is sounding like a bad episode of the Young and the Restless.

Bernie Sanders can’t, or doesn’t want to face reality. He has gone from someone who garnered a lot of respect to someone who has become one of the biggest crybabies on the planet. His supporters have gone from respectful to ugly to downright vulgar, using intimidation tactics, outright lies, and in the case of Rosario Dawson, slander. I would like to think this will improve over time, but considering who Sanders and his supporters are, I’m have no hope that it will.