Soccer was fun this morning. I didn’t really want to go because I felt stiff as hell when I woke up and I was tired from traveling to and from the shore yesterday for my cousin’s most excellent wedding. But once I roused my lazy bones and stretched out, it was good to get out there and bang. I even had a few headers and my brain still seems intact.

Only problem was late in the game when I had to run back from my forward position to cover for an out of position defender. I broke up the 3-on-2 breakaway but my left big toe got spiked in the process. I just got home and took off my cleats and socks, and it’s not pretty. My toenail is purple and cracked in a few places. No blood, though, so that’s good. We’ll have to see if it will survive.

A small price to pay though for getting back into real competition.

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