It’s pretty bad when Newt Gingrich thinks your political pitch is too tinged with racism. With Gingrich, you can be assured that this is a political objection rather than a moral or principled one. But that’s why it’s interesting. I don’t think Trump is bashing Judge Gonzalo Curiel because he thinks it will help him politically to piss off every decent person in the country. He doesn’t think that deeply. All he knows is that he’s taking heat for running a fraudulent scheme and he wants to turn it around so that he becomes the victim.

I mean, the court case has already been delayed beyond the election, so spinning against the ultimate outcome of the case is beside the point. What he’s trying to preempt is any actual discussion of the evidence of fraud that the judge ordered released to the public. But this is like throwing a hand grenade in your own kitchen to ward off an intruder. You can’t fix the problem by blowing yourself up.

Rank-and-file Republicans would have been willing to spin away a couple of fraud cases that are still being litigated, but they aren’t willing to back Trump on his racist attacks on this judge. So, he’s really created a much bigger problem for himself even if he succeeded in changing the focus of the story a bit.

It’s useful, really, to see this so early in the campaign. After all, if Donald Trump gives this little of a shit about his fellow Republicans, he definitely doesn’t give a shit about you.

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