The U.S. a leading nation, global power, democracy(?) and at last making history ….

Pakistan with Benazir Bhutto
India with Indira Ghandi (1966)
United Kingdom with Margaret Thatcher
Germany with Angela Merkel
Chile with Michelle Bachelet
Argentina with Isabel Peron and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
Brazil with Dilma Rousseff

and on and on … some great women from opposition groups after suffering under a dictatorial regime … true, women can be dictators too. this election cycle, it was a matter of time but the dnc and establishment (wall street) wanted HRC and coronated her before the tally was in … not truly a progressive party called democrats … so not really a great perspective except it accentuates a backward culture … how about a boost in enlightenment USA?

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Most of the World's Nations Have Never Had a Female Leader (Credit: Pew research)

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