Had US Marine stickers on his car “Semper Fi” and wanted to join the police force …. see selfies with NYPD shirts. He too was paternalistic, authoritarian beating his wife, brought in from a dating site as a bride from Uzbekistan.

Bought just last week, Omar Mateen obtained his weapons legally as he had been screened by FBI in 2013 en 2014 and Omar worked as a security guard for G4S. Recall the organization from the London Olympics – G4S failures prompt further military deployment .

Source: WPTV.com

Neighbor who knew Omar Mateen
tells @WPTV he had U.S. Marine
stickers on his car, including one
that read Semper Fi.

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Born in USA as Omar Mir Seddique from Afghan immigrants in 1987

Mass shooter Omar Mateen’s father Seddique Mateen recently visited Congress, the State Department and met political leaders during a trip to Washington, DC. Mateen, who made the trip in April, is seen in social media posts posing in front of the State Department and Democratic Foreign Services Committee offices.

The Afghanistan native, who also regularly writes open letters to President Barack Obama, has expressed gratitude Afghan Taliban who hosts the Durand Jirga Show on a channel called Payam-e-Afghan, which broadcasts from California.

    “Payam-E-Afghan TV is an Afghani-centric satellite television network based in Los Angeles, California, launched in 2007. It features news, music, and entertainment shows in primarily the Persian and Pashto language. It is a channel owned and supported financially by Omar Khatab.”

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Seddique Mateen opposed ISI and Pakistan's interference with Afghan people (Photo - Daily Mail)

Photo captions from his DC trip describe meetings with the Foreign Relations Committee and a trip to a hearing for Afghanistan security, according to the Independent Journal.

Pictures from 2015 show Mateen meeting Reps Charlie Rangel, Dana Rohrabacher and Ed Royce. Royce is the Chairman of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Dozens of videos are posted under Mateen’s name on YouTube, where he speaks on a range of political subjects in the Dari language. One video shows him declaring his candidacy for the Afghan presidency.

Posts include topics such as ‘Rise Afghan people against Pakistan’ and ‘Intelligent service and Military of Pakistan real Enemy of the USA (sic)’. In one video the elder Mateen holds up a sign that reads: ‘ISI Pakistan and Military is Destroying 14 years of US work in Afghanistan to cut AID to killers’.