A personification of what is wrong in the European Union … corporate capitalism, globalization and military policy outlined from Washington DC in NATO. Wall Street laughing at Main Street ans all peoples of democracies around the globe …

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For the ten years to October 2014, Barroso was arguably the single most powerful individual within the EU institutions. Earlier in 2014, CEO published a review of the Barroso II Commission and found that:

    “an increase in the competence of the Commission tends to be directly proportional with corporate capture of EU decision making… From the very beginning the Barroso II Commission has followed a corporate agenda, and its close links to the biggest corporations and banks in the European Union is a key trait of the current European project.”

Goldman Sachs hires former EU boss José Manuel Barroso

Goldman Sachs said on July 8th that the former President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, is to join the bank as an advisor. In a press release Goldman said the Portuguese national will also serve as a non-executive chairman of the investment bank’s international arm.

Barroso served as president of the European Commission from 2004 to 2014, and as prime minister of Portugal from 2002 to 2004.

According to a report in the Financial Times the 60-year-old is being hired to help the investment bank wade through the fallout from Brexit. However Goldman Sachs played that down, telling CNBC by telephone that talks with Barroso had been going on for about a year.  

War criminals get their reward … in the week of the Chilcot Iraq Inquiry report.

Portugal Azores Meeting: President Bush: Monday “Moment of Truth” for World on Iraq

PRIME MINISTER BARROSO: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I am very pleased to welcome here in the Azores the leaders of three friends and allied countries, the United States, Spain and United Kingdom. President Bush, Prime Minister Aznar, and Prime Minister Tony Blair.

This meeting in the Azores also shows the importance of transatlantic relations, and also shows the solidarity among our countries. Actually, these agreements have approved two statements, one statement on transatlantic relations, and a declarative statement on Iraq.

We have joined this initiative and we organized it here in the Azores because we thought this was the last opportunity for a political solution — and this is how we see it, this is the last possibility for a political solution to the problem. Maybe it’s a small chance, a small possibility, but even if it’s one in one million, it’s always worthwhile fighting for a political solution. And I think this is the message that we can get from this Atlantic summit.

As I was saying, for my English-speaking guests, I’ll speak English now. First of all, let me say, welcome, George Bush, to Europe. I think it’s important that we meet here, in a European country, in Portugal, but in this territory of Azores that is halfway between the continent of Europe and the continent of America. I think it’s not only logistically convenient, it has a special political meaning — the beautiful meaning of our friendship and our commitment to our shared values.

So welcome to all of you. Welcome to you. And I now give the floor to President George Bush.

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Axis of evil meets on the Azores leading a new phase in the War of Terror across the Middle East (The Age)

THE PRESIDENT: Jose, thank you very much for your hospitality. You’ve done a great job on such short notice. And I’m honored to be standing to here with you and two other friends as we work toward a great cause, and that is peace and security in this world.

We’ve had a really good discussion. We’ve been doing a lot of phone talking and it was good to get together and to visit and to talk. And we concluded that tomorrow is a moment of truth for the world. Many nations have voiced a commitment to peace and security. And now they must demonstrate that commitment to peace and security in the only effective way, by supporting the immediate and unconditional disarmament of Saddam Hussein.

The dictator of Iraq and his weapons of mass destruction are a threat to the security of free nations. He is a danger to his neighbors. He’s a sponsor of terrorism. He’s an obstacle to progress in the Middle East. For decades he has been the cruel, cruel oppressor of the Iraq people.

On this very day 15 years ago, Saddam Hussein launched a chemical weapons attack on the Iraqi village of Halabja. With a single order the Iraqi regime killed thousands of men and women and children, without mercy or without shame. Saddam Hussein has proven he is capable of any crime. We must not permit his crimes to reach across the world.

Saddam Hussein has a history of mass murder. He possesses the weapons of mass murder. He agrees — he agreed to disarm Iraq of these weapons as a condition for ending the Gulf War over a decade ago. The United Nations Security Council, in Resolution 1441, has declared Iraq in material breach of its longstanding obligations, demanding once again Iraq’s full and immediate disarmament, and promised serious consequences if the regime refused to comply. That resolution was passed unanimously and its logic is inescapable; the Iraqi regime will disarm itself, or the Iraqi regime will be disarmed by force. And the regime has not disarmed itself.

Action to remove the threat from Iraq would also allow the Iraqi people to build a better future for their society. And Iraq’s liberation would be the beginning, not the end, of our commitment to its people. We will supply humanitarian relief, bring economic sanctions to a swift close, and work for the long-term recovery of Iraq’s economy. We’ll make sure that Iraq’s natural resources are used for the benefit of their owners, the Iraqi people.

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