Zeke Miller has a nice rundown of what happened on the floor of the convention this afternoon. I refer you to his piece since it’s fully adequate and he’s more tapped into what is going on than I am.

It’s not actually very interesting, but the way that Trump swatted away a procedural challenge was crude and heavy-handed enough to cause some press excitement and plenty of early negative publicity that highlights the dissension in the Republicans’ ranks.

I am going to poke around a little more to see what I think the potential is for this wildfire to peter out or grow into an embarrassing blaze.

My hunch is that the Never Trump people don’t have much ammo left, but it’s true that they’re now more pissed off than ever, so I can’t be sure that they won’t make more and better trouble for the convention.

The problem is, I am not sure what avenues they have other than being noisy and obnoxious.

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