Various and sundry things I’ve read on this blog over the months I’ve visited have reminded me of this essay in The New Republic about Howard Zinn.


“At many times in our national experience, there have been radicals who have applied needed pressure to those in the seats of institutional power, forcing them to change unjust practices, reconsider self-serving conclusions, and honor unfulfilled principles. At such times, the radicals’ work has been most salutary, bringing greater equality and justice to the political sphere, opening horizons in the intellectual world. But there have been times, too, when some radicals–political and intellectual–have embraced zealotry and maximalism, or betrayed their own ideals, and allowed their impatience with the imperfections of those in power to lead them into deluded or destructive movements.”

Agree or disagree, or ignore. I’m not going to advocate for a position, but do look forward to reading people’s reactions.