Bumping this up …

I have renewed the two Frog Pond leagues at Yahoo, Frog Marchers VIII and Also Frog Marchers.

This year, Yahoo chose to auto-renew everyone who played last year. If you played last year you are signed up for the league in which you played, and no further action is necessary, just check your email and click on the link to make certain you’re all set to go.

However, I need to know if we will have a full roster of players back this year or not, so I can invite other players if need be. There are already folks on a waiting list so please respond ASAP as to whether or not you intend to play again this year.

You can contact me by email (stevendbt @ yahoo dot com) or by posting a message to the comment board at the league site indicating whether or not you intend to participate.



Ps. If you have an interest in being added to the waiting list, please let me know, as well. Every year there is usually some turnover in players.

If you have no interest in Fantasy Football, that’s fine and dandy, but please know that these leagues have been a part of this community for many years. Any comment that is off topic, or violates the DBAD rule will be deleted. Thank you for your consideration.

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