So middleclass and underclass whites may have decided to stop being the veal pen for Republican elites?  Can they attract enough serious planners to actually gain power for some populist planks that are not idiotic? Might youth find an opening for progressive alliances?

Is Trump Wrecking Both Parties?
“The larger conclusion from the data is that the Trump campaign — both through the support Trump generates among working-class whites and the opposition he generates among better educated, more affluent voters — has accelerated the ongoing transformation of the Democratic Party. Once a class-based coalition, the party has become an alliance between upscale well-educated whites and, importantly, ethnic and racial minorities, many of them low income.”

Also, an even more trenchant article…
Trading Places: If the Democrats Are Now a Coastal Elite Party and the GOP Are the Populists, Trump Is Only the Beginning
(Yeah, Hillary will probably win. But unless Democrats can be more than the Whole Foods party, they’re doomed.)

So far, Republican Reformicons have not embraced anti-corporatism, but the vein is definitely open for exploitation.

Hmm, some already exploring:

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