So a live blog.

Talked to Susan Smith, head of the Florida Progressive Caucus.

A former big supporter of Grayson, but cannot support him.  At this moment:
Grayson is running 4th in Miami Dade, and Third in Hillshorough.
Hillsborough 12%
Broward 10%
Dade 10%

Because in the end Grayson is a jerk.

Three seats to watch:
DWS in Florida 23: EV from Miami Dade has DWS up 65-35 – low vote total and the district splits with Broward.
Broward DWS 57
Canova 43

DWS has a 6 k lead.   not looking good

EV is about 30% of all votes in general elections.

Florida Senate
District 38

District 40
Progressives endorsed Bullard, who is up 20 in EV
Also CD-9. the progressive Randolph is going down to Soto.

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