I told Booman a while back that I was stepping away for a bit, and until now I have been as good as my word. I will stay out for the duration of this campaign barring further unexpected circumstances because…well, because I got tired of talking to people whose minds are totally made up regarding the lesser of two evils. But I do want to comment on the latest Trump development.

Just as I said over and over again here for 14 months that Trump was a dangerous candidate, that we should not simply try to laugh him off and that the only things that could possibly seriously derail his candidacy would be conclusive evidence (preferably videoed) of some sort of widely despised wrongdoing…say a meeting with a mob guy discussing criminal business or being caught in bed with a goat…we now have the equivalent of the “in bed with a goat” idea.

He’s toast.

No amount of reflexive finger-pointing about HRC and her own role in permitting Bill Clinton’s almost satyriasis-like (or perhaps only self-destructive) insistence on serial sexual escapades while in office…a trait that he most definitely shared with JFK, by the way…will save Trump now. The powers of Trump’s name, his fame and his image are now working against him with this latest video. He famously said “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters”…and I think that was not entirely hyperbole at the time…but he did not say “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and jerk off on women passing by and I wouldn’t lose voters,” because he’s always at least somewhat accurate with his hyperbole and that would not have flown so well. So…here he is, verbally jerking off in public and it’s on video. Mazeltov, all of you Trump opponents!!! I do not know if he will concede defeat and step down or continue fighting a losing battle, but he…and probably the Republicans…are now toast. Even the worst possible Assange-like anti-Hillary postings will never rebalance the scale after this idiocy.

So it goes.

Bye bye, Donald.


So here we are, stuck with Scylla.

So that goes as well.

Charybdis done popped its funnel. Time to put a cork in it.

Have a good month, y’all.

You’re gonna need it.



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