Reuters news report in last 24 hours and covered internationally by leading newspapers, also in Israel by the Jerusalem Post and the Times of Israel. From a recent email release by WikiLeaks, although this was well known and covered by me on a number of occasions. Timely donation in 2011 … Libya bombing and removal Gaddafi, arms and jihadists transfer via Turkey to create the mess in Syria and do the Neocon’s bidding to remove Assad. Hillary was the darling of Qatar, Al Jazeera, Muslim Brotherhood, PM Erdogan and Turkey. Indeed by his own words, HRC got the full backing from President Obama, though the consequences of the created chaos is blamed on Putin’s Russia. Making Russia a pariah state with support from the Soros Foundation, USAID, the Atlantic Council, NATO, etc.

Clinton’s charity confirmed Qatari gift while she was Secretary of State

Clinton’s charitable foundation confirmed it accepted a $1 million donation from Qatar while the Democratic presidential nominee served as secretary of state in 2012 and failed to inform the State Department of the sizable gift, Wikileaks’ most recent dump of hacked Clinton emails has revealed.

According to Reuters, wealthy Qatari officials pledged the contribution to the Clinton Foundation in 2011 to mark the 65th birthday of Bill Clinton, in an effort to meet and present the former US president with the check in person.

    Clinton Foundation officials last month declined to confirm the Qatar donation. In response to additional questions, a foundation spokesman, Brian Cookstra, this week said that it accepted the $1 million gift from Qatar, but this did not amount to a “material increase” in the Gulf country’s support for the charity. Cookstra declined to say whether Qatari officials received their requested meeting with Bill Clinton.

    Officials at Qatar’s embassy in Washington and in its Council of Ministers in the capital, Doha, declined to discuss the donation.

    The State Department has said it has no record of the foundation submitting the Qatar gift for review, and that it was incumbent on the foundation to notify the department about donations that needed attention.

    The Clinton Foundation has said it would no longer accept money from foreign governments if Clinton is elected president and would spin off those programs that are dependent on foreign governments.

Hillary Clinton lobbied by Cherie Blair to meet Qatari royal, emails reveal | The Guardian |

Seeking advice, countering the BDS movement, a threat to Israel

On June 23, 2015, Stuart Eizenstat forwards Sullivan a list, complete with contact details, of prominent religious, political and business personalities that Clinton should engage regarding the “delegitimization of BDS.”

Eizenstat also edits the draft of Hillary Clinton’s statement on the global movement.

“BDS is the latest attempt to delegitimize Israel in a global arena. Sadly, this has been tried for years at the UN and elsewhere. I reject such efforts and believe America must defend Israel at every turn.”

Clinton offers a glimpse on just how far the fight against the BDS movement will extend, writing: “So I am seeking your thoughts and recommendations on how leaders and communities across America can work together, in a united way, to counter BDS. From Congress and state legislatures to boardrooms and classrooms.”

Clinton recounts her many efforts stymying criticism of Israel, “I have opposed nearly 100 anti-Israel resolutions at the UN, Human Rights Council, and other international organizations. I fought the biased Goldstone Report… And I directed the US to veto the Palestinians’ effort to use the UN to unilaterally declare statehood. Time after time, no matter the venue, I have made it clear that America has Israel’s back.”

Eizenstat, who in a March 2015 email boasted to Sullivan: “I have very deep connections to the State of Israel and to its elected officials and leading academics,” uses the exchange to reveal that he has done anti-BDS-related work for the Israeli government.

“The JPPI (Jewish People Policy Institute) which Dennis Ross and I co-chair has just done a massive study of BDS for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so I am steeped in the issue.”

The JPPI is a policy planning think tank based in Israel. Eizenstat then mentions he is directly meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (“Bibi”) Netanyahu and his Cabinet.

“Jake, I am speaking at UJA [United Jewish Appeal] Tuesday and then meeting with Bibi and the Cabinet Sunday for JPPI. Please keep this as `close hold’ and not for circulation,” Eizenstat writes.

Hillary Clinton promises megadonor she will work with Republicans- to oppose BDS | Mondoweiss |

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Norway Cuts Deep In Clinton Foundation Funding

Norge kutter gigantoverføringer til Clinton-stiftelsen | Hegnar |

Norway slashes large sums to Clinton Foundation

Norway has not entered into any new agreements with the Clinton Foundation, which means that cooperation is closing next year. Then the total Norwegian contribution to the disputed Clinton Foundation, according to Finance newspaper, have summed up to 643 million kroner (US $75m). Norway is thus the third largest contributor after Saudi Arabia and Australia, followed by a number of Arab Gulf states.

The money has gone to two of the Foundation’s programs, primarily Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), but also the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI).

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