You wouldn’t listen. I basically gave up trying about a month ago. Now here we jolly well are, aren’t we. In a world of trouble.

This vote was a slap in the face to the entitlement-gorged educated classes. Of all races and sexes.

To the Permanent Government and its overweening federal bureaucracy.

To the corporate-owned mass media…including the jive “pollsters”…who pounded and pounded and pounded on about how the Dems were now going to rule the country and bring peace and prosperity to every man.

And woman.

To the whole faux liberal, “Tell ’em what they want to hear but do the opposite” hustle that was represented by Hillary Clinton and her “public and private,” two-faced campaign.

To Obama, the “Peace President” who waged war all over the globe.

To the make-believe, digital construct of a world where people “friend” others without ever actually touching them. You can’t slap someone upside the head online, so people did it with their votes.

One DemRat line is going to be that this was a sexist vote. I call bullshit. Elizabeth Warren would have kicked Trump’s ass up and down the country had she thought that she would have been able to defeat the ensconced DNC door revolvers to actually get nominated. She was too smart for that and now she stands as the most admired Dem in the U.S. and probably the leader of the political resistance to whatever awful things now headed down the chute from people like Trump, Giuliani and…yes…Christie.


You earned it.

Maybe this will wake you the fuck up.

But I doubt it.


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