Last night, Martin and I, after a number of email exchanges, mutually agreed that I will no longer post to the front page here at Booman Tribune. The reasons for why we arrived at that decision are not important or particularly relevant to anyone either than the two of us, and I feel no need to go into them in any further detail.

At this time, I want to express my deepest gratitude to Martin for the opportunity to post here since 2005 as a front pager. I owe a great deal to him for that, and will always consider him my friend. During the time I spent here, I also greatly enjoyed this community’s input, criticism and support for my work. So, I am deeply grateful to all of you, as well, for all you have given me.

For those of you who feel so inclined, I still will be posting at the blog caucus99percent, and my blog posts can be read there on their front page. I welcome anyone to drop in and take a gander at the site. c99 (shorthand name) was originally created about a year prior to Kos’ “Ides of March” decree (google if the reference is not known to you) at Daily Kos, which led to the banning or exodus of a number of Bernie Sanders supporters, many of them who found a new online home and a welcoming community of like minded progressives. At c99, there is no community moderation as exists at Daily Kos and no censorship of what may be posted other than the obvious right wing crap, etc.. It possesses an active community who post what are referred to as “essays” (i.e., diaries). Indeed a number of the most popular posts are found in what is call their “Community Content” section.” The only real rule is DBAD.

I also have a YouTube channel Steven D Talks, which I started as an alternative to written blog posts when my illness took a turn for the worse this last year. It has little to recommend it other than the chance to listen to me ramble on, unfiltered as it were, in a slow-paced, monotonous tone that my daughter claims is perfect for curing insomnia. Well, that and it’s ad free and I am not asking anyone for donations.

Well that is all for now. I won’t say “Goodbye Cruel World” here, but merely farewell for now. After all, I am terrible at predicting the future. I even predicted an easy victory for Hillary Clinton, which like a lot of other people shows how smart we all are when it comes to making political prognostications. Go figure.

All my best to each and everyone of you,


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