You think Bibi Netanyahu can handle both Donald and Theresa sitting on his lap awaiting love and compliments?

Theresa May Scolds Kerry for Focus on Israel Settlements | NY Times |

Trump and Netanyahu Governments Both Steeped in Ethnic Supremacy, Ultra-Nationalism | Tikun Olam |

As the incoming Trump administration begins to take shape via cabinet appointments and policy pronouncements, it becomes ever clearer that its ideological underpinnings are remarkably similar to those of Israel’s Netanyahu government.  Both are widely portrayed as the most extreme in the history of their respective nations.  Both rode to power via a fierce tide of anger and resentment against political opponents they derided as left-wing extremists, criminals and traitors.  Both exploited fear of ethnic minorities to bolster their support.  They espouse a common philosophy of racial supremacy which maintains coherence and unity among their followers.

Netanyahu is a more conventional politician in that he attempts to adhere to minimal democratic norms, and feigns an adherence to standards (albeit low ones) of truth and facts.  Netanyahu has been known to retreat from supporting extremist legislation when faced with strong opposition within his own ranks or from Diaspora Jewry.  Unlike Trump, he does have a bare sense of limits to his power.

Israeli Intelligence Agent Conspired to Topple UK Tory Leader | Tikun Olam | by Richard Silverstein

Al Jazeera’s Investigation Unit, led by Clayton Swisher, is about to air a blockbuster documentary series which reveals that an Israeli embassy staff member (likely a Mossad agent, see below) colluded with Jewish Tory MPs to topple a fellow-Tory leader who had criticized Israeli settlements.  

Al Jazeera planted a mole inside the Israel Lobby’s anti-BDS campaign who recorded meetings between the chief of staff of the former political director of Tory Friends of Israel and current education minister, MK Robert Halfon, and Israel’s senior political officer in Britain, Shai Masot, as they plotted to destroy the career of MP Sir Alan Duncan, the deputy foreign secretary.  Al Jazeera notes that Duncan had, in the past, said:

    …That while he fully supports Israel’s right to exist, he
    believes settlements on occupied Palestinian land represent
    an ‘ever-deepening stain on the face of the globe”.

He also likened the situation in Hebron in the occupied West Bank to apartheid.

Masot is a former IDF naval major, who once served in COGAT (pictured here in the white uniform giving a tour for African ambassadors in Gaza), the IDF unit which enforces Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza.

Israeli diplomat who plotted against MPs also set up political groups A The Guardian |

In the latest recordings, Masot boasts of establishing organisations “in Israel and here [in the UK]”. When asked what he means, the Israeli official replies: “Nothing I can share, but yeah,” adding: “Yeah, because there are things that, you know, happen, but it’s good to leave those organisations independent. But we help them, actually.”

LFI and CFI are established organisations, founded in the 1950s and 1970s respectively to support Israel and combat antisemitism. The footage taken by al-Jazeera shows Masot wanted Robin to head up a new organisation, Young Labour Friends of Israel.

At a meeting last July, Masot explains that he had the idea for a group called Young Conservative Friends of Israel in 2015, and wanted to set up a Young Labour Friends of Israel at that time. “When I tried to do the same in Labour they had a crisis back then with Corbyn. So instead of that I took a delegation to Israel … I took a Fabians group to Israel,” he says.

Masot also says in the footage of that meeting that he does not wish to see Jeremy Corbyn win the leadership contest with Owen Smith. During another meeting, he describes Corbyn as “a crazy leader”.

Jewish Manifesto: Labour candidates Corbyn and Smith asked to honor the Ten Commandments Commitments

Labour calls for inquiry into Israeli diplomat’s ‘take down MPs’ plot | The Guardian |

The Labour party has called on the government to immediately launch an inquiry into “improper interference in our democratic politics” after the disclosure that an Israeli embassy official had plotted to “take down” UK MPs regarded as hostile.

The shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry, said: “The exposure of an Israeli embassy official discussing how to bring down or discredit a government minister and other MPs because of their views on the Middle East is extremely disturbing.”

The Israeli ambassador, Mark Regev, has apologised to one of the MPs on the “hit list”, foreign office minister Sir Alan Duncan, describing the remarks as unacceptable. As a result, the Foreign Office said it regarded the matter as closed.

“Lots of countries try to force their views on others, but what is scandalous in the UK is that instead of resisting it, successive governments have submitted to it, take donors’ money, and allowed Israeli influence-peddling to shape policy and even determine the fate of ministers.”

The former minister said there needed to be a full inquiry into the Israeli embassy’s links with CFI and LFI, and that while political parties should welcome funding from the UK’s Jewish community, they should not accept any engagement linked to Israel until it ceases new developments on Palestinian land.

“This opaque funding and underhand conduct is a national disgrace and humiliation and must be stamped out,” the former minister wrote.

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