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If you want to understand the new reality in Washington D.C., look to Moscow.

Russian journalist Alexey Kovalev published a piece yesterday offering advice to his “doomed colleagues in the American media.” Among other things, the piece warned American journalists that facts, degraded as they already are, will become a lot more difficult to find – questions will be met with deflection, derision, tu quoque arguments, and outright lies (Trump’s last press conference [NYT] featured all four). Kovalev also asserts that the media will be complicit in its own debasement. Journalism, he argues, “is a fiercely competitive, crashing market and right now the only currency in this market is whatever that man on the stage says. Whoever is lucky to ask a question and be the first to transmit the answer to the outside world wins.” This competitiveness will undermine any movements towards solidarity thus making it easier for Trump to control the political discourse and, as a result, continue to vilify the media.

Despite all the (unfortunately too realistic) doom and gloom in Kovalev’s piece, he does point us towards a bright spot – The Moscow Times. The Moscow Times, Russia’s only English language daily, has been accused of being “militantly anti-Putin,” which, from this side of the Atlantic, seems less like an accusation than a badge of honor.

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