An early release of Trump’s infrastructure program was released by McClatchey.

High level:
Cost 137 Billion, half public
Jobs, 193K direct, 241 indirect

They are actually understating the number of jobs they will create I think. There are couple of projects with no numbers (An Alaska LNG Pipeling) and a solar plant in the mojave desert. My guess is these were sitting on Governor’s shelfs.  One project, I-93 in NH is actually underway and about half finished.  

The Democrats proposed a $1 Trillion infrastructure plan, which would amount to 100 Billion a year and create 1.5 million jobs.

That sounds like a lot.  It isn’t really.  The US creates about 2.5 million a year – so you would get a one time increase in the first year.  But over the course of 10 years even the Democratic plan would account for just 5% of all jobs created.

Here is the mix in Trump’s plan:

Airports 4.7 Billion (KC, Sea, St Louis)
Electricity transmission: 13.3 (includes projects to allow transmission from wind farms in Texas)
Highways: 21 Billion
Waterways: 13.9 Billion (includes upgrades to turbines on TVA)
Mass Transit: 48.23 Billion (includes bullet train from Dallas to Houston, Green line extension in Boston, track upgrades in NE corridor, and subway extension in Detroit, modernization in Chicago)
National Initiate – replacement of FAA software (good luck with that) and one other project
Oil and Gas: Pipelines 5 billion
Ports: 6 billion
Water: 5 billion (includes 3 billion for cleanup of Lake Erie)

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