Recently someone posted the phrase “We Are So Screwed” or was it, “We Are So Fucked”. [I tried to find the exact quote in my comments log (124 posts in less than a month.  I AM  a wordy bastard.) but I couldn’t find it.] My response was “Let’s all get T-shirts!” Since no one had the good sense to post “Who let this joker in the door ?”, I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a half bad idea. And, since I haven’t seen anyone pick up the ball, yet , I guess it’s up to me.  So …

  1. Source of Custom T-shirts:  I use dogpile ( for my searches, and the response to Custom T-shirts gives a slew of possible suppliers. So, has anyone used any of these services or can you recommend one? Steering me away from bad services is also welcome information; there’s a ton of incompetence out there.
  2. Design: Either “We Are So Screwed” or  “We Are So Fucked” in bold letters. “Screwed” might be preferred for those who don’t want the word “Fucked” on their apparel. I wanted to keep it simple … maybe text plus the Booman froggy logo; the Booman Tribute text can be edited out.  Any suggestions?
  3. Where to wear this soon-to-be classic T-shirt: High-class balls, religious ceremonies including your wedding, first dates (wow the chicks and dicks), meeting your potential in-laws for the first time, meeting with bankers when applying for your first home loan.  For me, out on my daily neighborhood walk, visits to the grocery store/bank, tutoring sessions (I tutor college/high school in chem, biochem, physics.)
  4. So, if I COULD put something together, who MIGHT be interested in getting one/many ? No commitment … just a show of hands.
  5. Costs: This is a non-profit venture (for me) . If I end up spending … oh, let’s say … $200. of my own bucks on this gambit and everyone is satisfied with their purchases, I’ll declare case closed and well done. Can’t say at this stage what the cost of manufacturing and delivery will be; any thoughts?

That’s it. Time to post.  Gilmore Girls will be on soon.  Ciao.

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