The pollution has gone too far now, Booman. The many people here who cannot form an intelligible sentence outnumber the few thoughtful posters, and those several fools essentially rule by negative ratings and mutual moral masturbation.

You have taken your hands off of the site to a great degree and thus you have allowed this to happen…for your own reasons, no matter what they may have been. Sooner or later you will lose Oui, TarheelDem, Marie and the few others who make some kind of real progressive sense in their posts.

Shame on the Booman who originated this blog!!!

Real shame.

Barring a revolution in and on the site…which apparently would require a real revolution in the Democratic Party with which you have allied yourself (something that seems highly unlikely to happen any time soon) or an equally highly unlikely radical change in your own stated centrist viewpoint…you have lost one of the few truly interesting and original viewpoints on this site.

I’m outta here.

In the words of the immortal Bob and Ray Show, a Depression-era influenced radio program send-off:

Best of luck in the future.

Hang by your thumbs.

And call if you get work.

You really ought to be ashamed of yourself.

You’re better than this.

As Bob and Ray said…best of luck in the future.

You’re gonna need it.

Your continued alliance with a devolved Democratic Party argues against that eventuality.

So it goes.

Karma is real.

Bet on it.

Bet against that idea at your own personal peril and that of your family.




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