Former Dutch FM and NATO SG De Hoop Scheffer

Once again astonished by yesterday’s interview in Dutch paper AD.

Jaap is a Brussels hardliner, was rejected by the Christian Democrats as their leader, was succeeded by Jan Peter Balkenende who later became Prime Minister during the George Bush years and the Iraq War. Dutch parliament refused to join the US/UK coalition to invade Iraq, but gave “political” support. Only one possibility to “earn” America’s acceptance as NATO SG, become a true believer and supporter in the North Atlanticist elite group of people.

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I know the family quite well, even shared dinner with Jaap and Jeanine in the 1990s. I’m dumbfounded by his stance on Trump and the need to take an aggressive postion towards Russia and Putin.

De Hoop Scheffer: Europe, join forces with Trump

Some striking words from the interview:

    Do away with Trump? We should instead befriend him, former NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said. “A few distinct orders for American built military goods would be helpful.”

Another gem to really think about:

    About ten times de Hoop Scheffer met with the Russian president, in the five years that he led NATO. It never was a warm relationship: discussions were invariably difficult, at most, if they had anything in common, only their two labradors. Low point: the summit in Bucharest in 2008, where NATO under De Hoop Scheffer’s leadership noted that Georgia and Ukraine would become NATO member. Putin took it as a declaration of war.

    Talking about that: it was not my finest hour, nor of NATO. In retrospect that was a moment of great consequences.

Exactly, a turning point in the relationship between Europe, America and Russia. The Atlantic Council outspoken policy: “We’ll make Russia a pariah state.”

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H/T Wrote this diary after reading Marie3’s fine post – here.

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