Booman wrote…in response to a question that I raised on his recent post Trump Wants Us to Know Why He Was Investigated:

What the reporting indicated was that a FISA warrant had been successfully obtained in Mid-October. For what purpose and for what specific targets was less clear than that some warrant was obtained.

I responded.

Read on for more.
Booman…there was no “reporting.” Not in any real sense of the word. There are allegations…all from unnamed “sources”…that say this, that and the other thing about these warrants. No one has stood up and said “Yes. This happened. Here are the records; here is the evidence upon which we were working, and here are our conclusions from the wiretaps.”

No even close to that.

That’s not reporting, it is scaremongering, double-dealing, politics-by-media-proxy.

Just business as usual in this totally devolved system.

And thus here we are, right back in my recent Life In PostFactual America post.

Standard of proof???

In a false news world, there is no “proof” available.

We are living in a post-factual world now, JDW.

All of the things that we used to think we knew? The things that we accepted as “true” due to our upbringing?

Our social programming?

Our schooling, our media brainwashing, etc.?

Gone down the rabbit hole.

Here’s when the truth about the truth finally came all the way out of the closet.

Until then, only a few people really understood how much “the truth” had been perverted in this country since at least Clinton I’s barefaced statement that he “…did not have sexual relations with that woman…” Go further back, to the assassination years. That’s when it started to get really heavy, this false news, postfactual, truthiness world.

And still, only a few people out of our many millions began to call out the lies.

Later on, only a few saw Watergate for what it was…a contest between liars.

The better liars won.


On to this year…

Suddenly the truth about the lies…the lies about what and who Obama really was (A slick, neoliberal frontman, nothing more and nothing less) , the lies about neolib rule, the lies about goddamned near everything that our government says it is…began to penetrate the thick skulls of the hoi polloi.

The result?


He called the lies out, one by one. No matter that he too was lying…at least he was telling the truth about previous lies. His first big breakthrough? That line about Hillary Clinton, the money he gave her and her subsequent requisite appearance at his daughter’s wedding. He told the truth about the lies that lay behind what we had almost all been misedumacated into believing to be the way our system worked. It was like he threw a shrapnel grenade into the whole system. The splinters flew out, decimating all the liars with reach. Including…eventually…Trump himself.

And now? Now it is rapidly getting to the point where nobody believes nuthin’!!! And well they shouldn’t. The whole curtain of lies has been torn down, revealing the one fact that we are all beginning to be able to see.

Our Grand Societal Wizards have no clothes on. They are just naked little hustlers, hiding behind a curtain of lying tailors.

Like dat.

Bet on it.


More like an unholy mixture of “Truth or Dare” and so-called reality TV.



P.S. Maybe the truth about the so-called “truth” came out of its little closet earlier than Clapper’s claptrap. Maybe it was when most of America accepted the sobriquet “Reality TV” as it was applied to demonstrably unreal, totally fixed, dramatically set-up and controlled situations.

Like all of this bullshit.

It’s a total dumbshow.

Two hustler groups competing for the rubes’ attentions…and from there to power, control and riches beyond measure!!!

We’d be better off watching “Dukes of Hazzard” reruns.

Bet on that as well.

And then…WTFU.


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