A park near the Louisville Convention Center (June, 2016)

Anyone have any original photos to share? Please do so if you’ve got them. No real theme this month. We need a reminder that there is some beauty in this world.
For photo blogging from the earlier series, see this diary by BobX (the last curator of the original Foto Flog series) and work backwards. One last thing, you don’t have to have professional quality equipment or be a professional photographer to participate. I’m strictly an amateur hobbyist. I still have my old Canon 35 mm camera, but almost never use that due to lack of dark room, film development costs and whatnot. I use my current Galaxy S6 for photography (at least for the last year and a half) – and before that an Android G4. This is intended to be more of a casual series of diaries, in the spirit of the previous series.

In the meantime, I’ll put another one up next month, probably around the same time, so figure April 21. We’ll stick to keeping content open-ended.

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