I wrote a reply to a comment that The Voice In The Wilderness wrote on a recent post of mine, We Have Met the Enemy, And It Is Us…Dems, That Is.

A reply to one sentence, really.

I had written…about fladem, the Dem operative that inspired me to write the piece:

You continue to defend one of the two-headed, Uniparty entities that managed that change. [The still ongoing devolution of the Democratic Party, basically]

Thus…it is you who is the enemy.

Part of it at the very least, even without understanding your own part.

A well-meaning, self-justifying enemy. The most dangerous kind.

Thanks for all of your good work, podna.

Look where it has gotten us so far.

Voice responded…in an overall appreciative post:

A little harsh on fladem who doesn’t deserve it IMO.

And the following is what I wrote back.

Read on.
Fladem the person? The individual? Yes, you are quite right. He or she doesn’t deserve the blame. Certainly not the entire blame.

But fladem the cog in a huge political machine? A political machine that has gone so off the rails that it cannot beat back a second-rate challenge from an ego-driven carnival barker? A machine that has lost touch…the human touch…with all of the so-called “deplorables” of this society? And I include the racially-forced ghetto dwellers as well as the frightened white Trump voters in that “deplorables” group, because…although the ghetto dwellers have been targeted as an available identity politics group that will vote Dem…in reality those that were sittiing in that room when Ms. Clinton made that awful “deplorables” statement/gaffe/unconscious confession (the rich, white ruling class, Dem version thereof) find the ghetto dwellers and the rural/semi-rural/working class/lower middle class whites to be equally disgusting.

Bet on it.

I work for those rich.

In the Waldorf Astoria.

At their country clubs.

At their fund-raising dinners.

Not often…thank God…but often enough to be able to see their act.

Their disdain for anyone who is not a member of their class is palpable. All you need to do is to keep your eyes open while you walk though a crowd of them without the right markers…the right haircut, the right walk, the right suit, tie, shoes, etc…to see them clearly. They quickly measure your rank visually, and their face changes.

Oh…another servant. Not even carrying a plate of hors d’oeuvres!!!

And then they go back to the important things.

Their hustle, mostly.

The only difference between their reaction to me…I am quite identifiably of Western European extraction…and their reaction to someone dressed exactly like me but not of their race is that they take a split second longer to figure me out. Believe it. I have walked in their midst hundreds of times, often with black or latino colleagues dressed exactly the same as am I…a tux that may have seen slightly better days, a walk that says “street” rather than “privilege” and so on.

They look; they measure and then they dismiss.

“Of no use to me!!!”

Until election time, of course.

So it goes.

This pic…barring the immediately recognizable faces…could have been taken after the wine and cocktails were consumed at almost any high-level society function that I have ever played.

Semi-drunk, white assholes hustling each other.

So that goes as well.

Dem functions, RatPub functions, golf club/country club/yacht club functions…the works.

They are the PermaGov.

And we…all of us, the 99.9%…are the deplorables.

The deplorable rabble, to go to the root of that “deplorables” word.


The deplorable rabble.

If you do not think so…and do not believe that it is they that need to be culled, not us…then you are not a progressive.

You are just another willing servant of the .01%.

Bet on that as well.

People who work for the DemRat hustlers?

Assemble their lame “data?”

They should shoulder their fair share of the blame.



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