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Q: Trump vs. Congress: Now What?

Arthur Gilroy

A: Impeachment!!!


Two out of the last three tweets our president has blasted out have attacked Republicans.


What’s interesting is that Trump chose to attack both of the main antagonists on his bill. He attacked those on the far right who opposed it, but then he attacked the leader they were opposing. He also identified the Democrats as the enemy by suggesting that there was something wrong with them smiling.

That leaves the moderate Republicans as the only group he didn’t attack. But does he have preference between the moderate Republicans who supported Paul Ryan’s bill (for which he should resign) or the moderate Republicans who voted against the terrible Speaker who should just retire already?

It’s almost as if he is daring them to impeach him.


Does he think that an impeachment move will fail, further discrediting Congress? Is he counting on the “moderate” Republicans to hold the line? The ones that he “didn’t attack” in his most recent Twitter screeds? Succeed in doing this before all of the investigations into Russian influence are finished and a second impeachment would be much harder to get started.

Does he want to be impeached, thinking that he has enough support to mount a militarily-backed refusal and thus cracking the government wide open? (A very Bannonesque move, I believe. All or nothing, go for the throat. Insane as well.)

The end game approaches ever faster, it appears to me.



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