Well-educated people are such a pain in the ass:

If Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has his way, the Badger State will become the first to stop requiring students in public schools to spend a minimum number of hours in class.

Remember what President Trump said on the night he won the Nevada caucuses?

Donald Trump speaks what’s on his mind, often as soon as it appears there. And after winning his third-straight contest in Nevada Tuesday, Trump credited his “poorly educated” supporters, in part, for the win.

“We won the evangelicals. We won with young. We won with old. We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated,” he said during his victory speech.

I love the poorly educated, too, but not because they’re poorly educated. That’s one difference between me and Donald Trump and Scott Walker. The other difference is that I love the highly educated, too. But those two gentlemen hate them with a white-hot passion due to their massive inferiority complexes:

A proposal in Walker’s new budget plan calls for ending the state’s current minimum requirements — 437 hours for kindergarten, 1,050 hours for elementary schools and 1,137 hours for secondary schools —  and allowing school districts to do what they want in terms of seat hours for students.

Fewer hours of school means less developed critical thinking, which suits demagogues and charlatans quite well.