As I recently stated said in another post here, I refuse to pay more than one national media site to lie to me on a daily basis, and since I live in NYC I choose the Lying Grey Lady, a.k.a. the New York Times. But…I regularly go to Google News to get the lowdown on the latest centrist lines, and I often click on WAPO headlines out of either curiosity and/or sheer hurry.

What I have noticed quite consistently since the birth of the whole RussiaGate thing is that whenever the PermaGov is ready to push the next load of junk on the American people, as soon as that new load is about to be dumped the WAPO paywall magically disappears for that particular set of articles.


Time for the PermOctopus to start dropping new shoes, I guess. Trump’s Macho Mad Bomber spike is sliding backwards again as false news-exhausted Americans start yawning, yearning for some more excitement to take their minds off of the awful reality regarding the way things stand here today.

New news cycles, new bullshit on every side.


WAPO, 4/25/17:

Flynn probably broke the law by failing to disclose foreign payments, House Oversight leaders say

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn probably broke the law by failing to disclose foreign income he earned from Russia and Turkey, the heads of the House Oversight Committee said Tuesday.
[Flynn did not initially reveal income from Russia-related entities in financial disclosure]
Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and the panel’s ranking Democrat, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.), said they believe Flynn neither received permission nor fully disclosed income he earned for a speaking engagement in Russia and lobbying activities on behalf of Turkey when he applied to reinstate his security clearance. They reached this conclusion after viewing two classified memos and a financial disclosure form in a private briefing Tuesday morning.

“Personally I see no evidence or no data to support the notion that General Flynn complied with the law,” Chaffetz told reporters after the briefing.

Said Cummings: “He was supposed to get permission, he was supposed to report it, and he didn’t. This is a major problem.”


Kindly notice…those of you who still aren’t wise to the PermaGame…that both parties (!!!) are again in total agreement here.

Quel surprise!!!

Not much more to say…”Drip, drip, drip” from the PermaGov vs. “Smack, bam, blam!!!” from the Trump forces.

Which one will win?

Is there a real “winning” side from either of the competitors in this lying, murderous charade?

i don’t think so, myself.

If anything “wins,” it will be that portion of the American public that becomes disenchanted with the constant bullshit from both sides.

The “Wake the fuck up!!!” folks.

Let us pray that said portion grows rapidly.




Let us pray.


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