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The Carolina Conspiracy – Or, How Vladimir Putin Catfished A US Election With the Collusion of Team Trump

    One of the most popular online conspiracists among Democrats is now the former Tory member of the UK Parliament and current Murdoch-rag-writer Louise Mensch, whose history of public humiliations and pure bigotry is far too long to chronicle.

    But because she has now turned her deranged behavior to peddling any and all conspiracies about Trump and Russia, she has built a huge Twitter following among Democrats convinced that all of their critics are Kremlin spies and anyone who dies was murdered by the Putin/Trump axis to protect their conspiratorial cover-up.

    That is as flagrantly insane as the most warped versions of birther and truther fever dreams that have tragically engulfed significant portions of the U.S. population. That tweet, by itself, should disqualify her from any form of serious consideration. But Mensch is now routinely cited as some sort of credible journalistic source on Russia conspiracies by unhinged, mainstream anti-Trump fanatics such as MSNBC and Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe, who will launder any insanity as long as it promotes their Tom Clancy fever dreams of Trump as a Kremlin asset.
    [Source: GG]

Early signs …

Loony Louise Mensch Accuses VICE Journalist of Treason for Criticizing Hillary Clinton (Oct. 16, 2016)

Louise Mensch @PatriBotonics here @BooMan

So God bless America, and God Save the Queen
Louise Mensch, former Tory MP, now in employ by Rupert Murdoch

Update-1 :: A follow-up diary … topic was discussed in a front-page article by Martin Longman here.

Bret Stephens, WSJ/Murdoch Are Inseparable

His first article as new columnist at The New York Times I find shallow-minded, dishonest and disturbed by a trend of right-wing activists gaining entry into a once liberal newspaper. No one loses its colored feathers as a opinion journalist and it made me wonder if he’s still on Murdoch’s pay while writing on the side for a “quality” liberal newspaper. Bill Kristol gave Stephens a hearty welcome as did the NYT editor. His first column gave a good response with over 1555 posts at last glance.

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