I have stopped watching fake news channel CNN and reading American propaganda newssites many moons ago …

Knesset chairman Edelstein to address Russian parliament, the Duma

The former Soviet prisoner will deliver his speech both in Hebrew and in Russian and will also meet during his 3-day stay with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, and Russian members of parliament affiliated with the Association for Friendship with the Knesset.

In addition, Edelstein will meet with leaders of the Jewish community in Moscow and will visit the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. He will also tour areas in the Russian capital where he was an activist as a “refusenik,” (an individual who was denied the right to emigrate to Israel by Soviet authorities), including the site where he was arrested and the court where he was tried and sentenced to jail.

“Obviously this is a special and very exciting visit. The aim is to develop further the excellent relations between the states and especially the ties between the Knesset and the Russian parliament that we have developed,” Edelstein said. “They are better than ever before, with excellent cooperation in different fields and with a deep friendship.”  

Israel is not impressed by what Americans believe in Washington DC. The so-called ‘leak’ has not had any effect on relations inside the intelligence community between both nations. Speaking of a parallel universe …

To poison the atmosphere for Trump’s visit to Israel on May 22-23 …

Trump and Netanyahu speak by phone, reportedly don’t discuss intelligence leaks | JTA |

The call to Netanyahu came immediately after Trump placed one to King Abdullah II of Jordan, which was announced by the White House.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman paid tribute to U.S.-Israel ties in Twitter posts in English and Hebrew.

“The security relationship between Israel & our greatest ally the United States, is deep, significant & unprecedented in volume,” read one tweet.

The second tweet read: “This relationship w/ the US is unprecedented in its contribution to our strength. This is how it has been & how it will continue to be.”

Topics in Israel are the status of Jerusalem and move of US Embassy and the parole conditions [or perhaps pardon] of spy Pollard. Much more pressing issues in US-Israel ties.

But first Trump wants to seal arms deal with KSA worth $100bn! Who or what is Iran? A figment of the imagination?

Diary is my response to Camussie …

What Americans believe!

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From the comments:

Cam: No but the Russian’s will likely share it w/ Iran

Oui: Your source please!

Cam: You know, one of their strongest allies in the region.
Oui: Definitely!

Cam: Given that Israel views Iran as their biggest enemy in the region,
Oui: The “enemy of Israel” has been redirected throughout the ages from biblical times until the UN vote in 1948. Since receiving statehood, the state of Israel has been become its very own biggest enemy. Iran is the arch enemy of the religious kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Iran won’t go away anytime soon. The west has lost the encirclement of the Soviet Union by its own stupid and criminal actions. The downfall of the West has gained speed in the 21th century.

Cam: Trump blabbing information that could have very well outed one of their operatives to Iran was a huge ass blunder.
Oui: You are guessing, right?

Cam: It is a strong possibility Israel (an other allies) will be less forthcoming with their intelligence going forward which in turn will make us less safe.
Oui: Your source please! The strongest intelligence alliance [and prominent cyber warfare global leaders] are the US, UK and Israel. Since 9/11, and the fictitious WOT led by these three nations, the world has become LESS SAFE!

Former Clinton allies speaking out:

Mike Morell’s performance of “intelligence” by emptywheel – May 2015
Saudi King Salman Going Nuclear Over US-Iran Deal
Susan Rice talking points were edited by CIA deputy Morell

It’s part of Democratic political tactics to spread disinformation which is fine with me for the Washington DC bubble. Don’t expect me to rely on those false talking points in my analysis. Facts are a whole different matter. The US as a nation lost immense credibility across allied nations of Western Europe during the Bush years. What Bush lost in 8 years, Trump will do much better! Most likely within 2 years there will be no credibility left of the Trump White House. Unfortunately, U.S. Congress has a worse standing than the presidency and so does US media.

Mike Morell: I Ran the CIA, Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton