Much jaw-flapping has already gone on about these two elections…pollsters and pundits weighing in, various political interests spinning the results like crazy to prove that their particular interests “won” even if they didn’t win, etc. The usual prime time major media bullshit, right on down through to social media and blogs.

I haven’t done any in depth research on the subject…nor will I do so, because any major domestic or international development could blow this house of cards that we laughingly call “the U.S. political system” right off of its rickety card table…but so far I have not heard one word about a primary reason why the “OH so desired!!!” DemRat uptick in the heartland did not occur.

It is plain to me that one of the main reasons that the Dems have not yet profited from the obvious incapacities of the Trump regime is the…again, so far…ongoing failure of the huge mass media Trump hunt (Also sometimes known as “RussiaGate.”) to lay a finger on Trump, coupled with the (still ongoing after…how many months? 6? 7? More?) failure of the U.S. intelligence services that are plainly running this game to show the public a single shred of actual evidence that Trump was in collusion with the Russians to skew this election.

The U.S. public is awakening from a decades-long sleep as it realizes that the mass media are…to put it mildly…full of shit and totally in the employ of a corporate system that is interested only in ramping up the .01% vs. 99.9% economic inequality situation. One of the results of that awakening is a sort of reaction-based tendency to go in exactly the opposite direction that the mass media is plainly trying to herd them. Trump’s win was the first real result of this awakening, and all of the king’s horses and all of the king’s men…trying valiantly with everything in their power…have not and probably will not be able to patch up this cracked Humpty Dumpty of a media system.

Why is social media so popular?

Because of the fact that it at least appears to be a “one person/one opinion,” egalitarian construct. (Nevermind the corporate/intelligence bots and trolls that are involved. Most people have not yet even begun to awaken to that side of the hustle.)

The Dems want a “comeback?” Maybe they ought to start a double-down system…have the major media begin to hoot and root around trying to pin major Dem leaders’ financial and political transgressions. If that movement reached parity with the anti-Trump movement, maybe then the Dem rebound would start.

(Just kidding, of course. I think…)

Nevertheless, the “whatever” question remains:

GA-6/SC-5 losses certainly prove one thing.

Whatever the Dems think that they are doing, it’s backfiring.

Allying themselves with the RatPubs isn’t helping to turn public opinion back towards them.

Neither are the wonderful, fresh faces that they are trotting out as leaders.

Like these.


My bad.


Yore freind…

Emily Litella

P.S. For real…

If the Trump hunt doesn’t come up with some red meat for the public’s dinner table…and soon, thoroughly trussed up, well roasted and otherwise prepared for the table… the Dems can throw in the towel. It’ll be all over but the landslides.


P.P.S. Once again…Trump fake or Trump bombshell?

Chicago Tribune this morning:

Trump likely to reveal this week whether secret tapes exist


He might could blow Comey right out of the water.
We shall see.

Soon enough.

Won’t we.

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